Test of Elementor editor

Regulators must be designed to provide the diver with breathable air when the regulator fails to regulate the delivery of air. This is an essential element to developing underwater breathing apparatus. If the unit is designed to provide air when the diver inhales and it fails, well guess what is going to stop: air flow. However if regulators are designed to stop air delivery when the diver stops inhaling, and you have a failure, you will get air, maybe a lot.

Demand valve (second stage)

·       Upstream tilt valve – higher opening effort with increasing inter-stage pressure

·       Downstream valve – higher opening effort with decreasing inter-stage pressure

·       Balanced downstream valve – air pressure balance – minimal effort across a range of inter-stage pressures, automatic constant effort

·       Adjustable downstream valve – spring adjustable effort  – constant (minimal) effort across a range of interstate pressure, manual adjustment, range of efforts

·       Servo valve – fairly constant effort at very high flow rates